The yorkshire terrier

  The Yorkie is Lively and inquisitive. They are also physically and mentally quick a lot of their time is spent trotting around or crashing around, and checking things out in their environment.
   A lover of comfort and joy. Enjoys cuddling on laps, and snuggling into soft pillows.
   This little one won't fail to announce strangers at the door.
 They can be bossy and Scrappy with other dogs especially with bigger Breeds. Yorkies can coexist well with other pets.
   Smaller Yorkies can be overwhelmed by Rough Housing and Mischief of small children.

 Larger yorkies are sturdier if you have small kids in your home.
    Some yorkies are very bright and quick Learners, Others can be very stubborn . Most of the time they dislike walking while leashed and may try to even pull until they are taught how to behave, in this case use a harness instead.
These little guys must be taught that possessiveness of his/her food and toys is a No-No from the beginning.



Small elegant easy to carry. Doesn't take up too much space.

Sheds very lightly, one of the best breeds for people with allergies. They are HYPOALLERGENIC.

Doesn't need a lot of exercise.

Makes a keen Watchdog / great alarm.

Peaceful with other pets.

Very Lively and inquisitive, move swiftly with Lightfoot and Grace.



Fragile toy breed.

Need to get them socialized while in a safe protective environment, otherwise they will be very skittish.

A bit stubborn when housebreaking.

Excitable pacing instincts can, sometimes just run out the door.

Pharyngeal gag reflex (the reverse sneeze)



The mini Schnauzer has a pleasant, playful, spunky temperament that fits really well into a lot of homes. This breed is very reliable and affectionate.

The personality of this breed varies from high-energy, feisty, scrappy, and stubborn. Schnauzers tend to be Terrier like. Some are serious, while others are goofballs. They can have either extroverted or introverted personalities. In addition,  like an other breed you may come across, the calmer sweet-natured ones.

This breed loves walks and needs a decent amount of exercise. They also love participating in family events.

The miniature schnauzer is a very alert watch dog, sometimes a bit too much. Dependent upon their personality, they will either welcome people/strangers into their home with enthusiasm, or just not  acknowledge them at all. These smaller breeds can also be standoffish or even suspicious of new people.

They are usually really good with other family pets. They respond well to obedience training, they love to learn, and they're constantly curious.



Very adaptable.
Sturdier size to breed. Sturdy little athlete.
Great family pet, good with kids. Very sociable breed.
Makes a great Watchdog Exceptional hearing.
Has a wiry coat that doesn't shed much. The have a whiskery face with a wise expression.
The average lifespan is 14 years.



Coat maintenance, clipping y Rico every couple of months.
Can be stubborn.
Suspicious when they are not socialized.
Need adequate exercise to prevent boredom, and destructive behaviors.