WHAT'S A PARTI yorkie ?


What makes A Parti Yorkie?

  A Parti Yorkie is the result of mating two purebred Yorkshire Terriers who carry the Parti Gene.

  Parti Yorkies are unique and rare Yorkshire Terriers due to their gorgeous coloration of their fur. 

   The Parti Gene is a recessive trait and only one copy of the allele needs to be present in both parents for a parti yorkie to be born. So as long as both parents are carriers of the gene half of the puppies in the litter will be parti and the other half will be traditional that carry the parti Gene.


  In the past any other color Yorkie that was not traditional was given away or destroyed by the breeder.
  Many refuse to believe that the parti, parti chocolate, black, blonde, white, or golden color and merle yorkie is nothing more than a recent behind the kennel bred mutt.

    The colors that you see in these first came from a recessive gene that carries all these colors resulting in the colorful yorkies you see now.



What Exactly is a Merle ?

Merle is a pattern in a dog's coat, that comes in different colors.  Some have blue patches throughout, these are considered "Blue Merle". Some coats can be red and chocolate. Merle can come in any Breed, its still considered fairly new to the Yorkshire Family.


Identifying the Gene

There's DNA testing that can identify the color genes that the pup carries including the Merle gene. The Merle gene itself will not tell you the different varieties of colors and patterns seen in coats. The Merle gene can also create blue or odd colored eyes and can also affect the skin pigment as well. Its Advised that you can only mate a merle dog to a solid colored coat breed that does not carry the merle gene, breeding 2 merles can result in the litter being born deaf or with other severe health issues. 


Gorgeous and Unique

Previously You could only find the traditional colored yorkies(Parti) , These Unique colors are not really "new" they were mostly found overseas and not really talked about or registered up until now.  Within the last few years AKC (American Kennel Club) has chosen to acknowledge and register these unique babies. However the AKC does not register the Merle breed at this time. If your looking for a Unique color baby, We'll be more than happy to help you find a new gorgeous family member.