Health Concerns


The above named puppy has no known Physical/ Congenital defects. If within the first year of the puppy’s life , the puppy is Diagnosed by a certified Veterinarian and verified by the seller’s Vet. as having a life threatening genetic defect that is not treatable , including liver shunt, Legg-perthes, heart problems, and open fontanels, a replacement puppy of the same price will be given to Buyer. Replacement puppy may not be from the same litter and is based on availability. No money refunds will be given. If replacement puppy is a higher price than the purchased puppy, the buyer will be responsible for the difference in price or wait for a puppy to be born of the same price. If living , the Original puppy must be returned to seller at buyers expense. Buyer is responsible for any shipping fees for the replacement puppy. Original puppy must be returned prior to a replacement puppy being delivered. In the event of death due to a genetic defect, an autopsy must be performed and a lab report done to determine the cause of death. This is to be done by a Licenced Vet, of the Seller’s Choice. If it is found that the puppy was abused in any way, this guarantee is Void.

Liability Disclaimer:

The seller is not responsible for any medical expenses that arise once the buyer receives the puppy. Seller is not responsible for an expenses resulting from the actions of the puppy. There is no guarantee on size , conformation, coat quality, disposition, bite, show quality, breeding quality, fertility, hernias, luxating patellas, hypoglycemia, or any other illness that is treatable and not considered life-threatening. Although the puppy has been vaccinated with DHPP, no guarantee is given against these diseases due to their unpredictable nature. No guarantee is given on the puppy if any shots, worming medications or medications of any kind are administered during the first 48 hr period. Contract / Guarantee cannot be transferred to a third party.